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Existing Member - Loan Application Form
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Payroll Deduction
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If you work for a participating employer and you wish to take advantage of our Payroll Loans, you must have your repayments deducted through your salary. Please provide us with your Employer and payroll number below.
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I authorise Credit Union to arrange deductions from my wages or salary should I be accepted for this loan beginning from the first possible pay day after signing my credit agreement until instructed otherwise. I authorise Credit Union to be notified of my leaving or termination of employment date.: *
Bank details
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We will store these details securely for your convenience should you wish to transfer money from your Credit Union account.
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Loan Application Form
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All loans issued must have a direct payment in place to meet the loan repayments
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Expenditure - Monthly Expenditure
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Monthly Other Debts
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Data Protection
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I understand that under the Data Protection Acts, 1988 ("the "DPA"), my consent may be required for the Credit Union to process personal data which it may have in it's possession concerning me (including disclosure to third parties). I note that this personal data may include sensitive personal data, such as data about my health, within the meaning of the DPA, the processing of which requires my explicit consent.
For the purpose of assessing my application for membership, assessing any loan applications which I may make to you and generally for administering and monitoring any
1 (i) to you seeking information concerning applications for loans and my credit history from the date of my original consent from any Credit Union and for that purpose you may disclose any relevant information in any loan application which I may make to you or which you may have concerning me to any Credit Union;
(ii) to any Credit Union disclosing information to you concerning applications for loans and my credit history from the date of my original consent with any such Credit Union;
(iii) to you disclosing of any information in any application (including loan applications) or in respect of any account or transaction of mine with the Credit Union from the date of my original consent to officers or employees of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme(FSCS) the purpose of fulfilling our statutory requirements.
(iv) to the processing of any information relating to me, either contained in this form or any other form or application, for the purpose of assessing applications and administering any accounts I maintain with the Credit Union.
Please note that you have the right to access personal data held about you by the credit union and to correct any inaccuracies in such data.
You will be given a decision in principle and if successful or should further underwriting be required, you will be asked to submit some of the following documents.
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